Johnathan Teh

I am a creative hustler, I strive to understand how things works together in an equilibrium manner. Economist natured, interests in anthropology and philosophy studies. Have the ability to convince an idea then take it from concept to execution. My journey so far has allowed me to experience the ups and downs rather rapidly. Right now, allows me to have the foresight to be creatively hustling on what matters most.

Things i can be known for: consultant, entrepreneur, sales, nomad and a continuous learner of life and digital tech mobile and web sphere. I talk to share and learn from and with others. I work on projects that excite and interest me. I have the most fun identifying opportunities and devising ways to disrupt markets and assembling teams to create products to achieve that.

I travel around to experience differences in cultures and norms. Back to anthropology, it appears that there are still much unknown in human nature (it being constantly evolving).Travelling and experiencing is the closest way to unlock the knowledge behind it.

What I do is out of believe and confidence, combining it with encounters from past and giving the most out of it.

‘Be bold and be right’ - most people failed at.

Putting a face to the person: JT.jpg