Johnathan Teh

  • Teh Beginning of a Story

    Entrepreneurs need to follow their passion. It doesn’t need to be a lifelong – but should encapsulate what fascinates you right now, this moment. My passion? To solve consumer issues with social technologies. We are all consumers and we understand the impact of the customer experience. So, in 2012, I was mulling over the ever-increasing power and influence of the individual customer experience since in the advent of social networks and noticed a pervasive issue. It’s difficult to sift through the noise.

    The existing social networks, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., are not suited for the streamlined aggregation, organization and communication of customer support issues. Sure, consumers use these forums as an avenue to communicate with given brands, however, customer feedback is often lost in the shuffle. Or, even worse, the brand’s media teams are not capable of providing real-time customer support. On the flip side, the consumer cannot “flex” true power here – the very speed of information on these networks is moving so fast that a customer support query can not only be missed by the brand, but by other brand customers that can benefit from the very same information.

    I took a look at customer review sites, such as Yelp and the like. These platforms were missing the social chops of the networks like Facebook and Twitter. This really led to a one-way dialogue, which again, limits the power and influence of the individual consumer to cultivate the voice of a crowd for maximum influence.

    Bam. I found the gap. I knew I found a business issue that can be solved with technology. One that connects people with brands, allowing people and brands to communicate and engage effectively and easily. Such was the birth of Onswer, my first entrepreneurial venture.