Johnathan Teh

2014, Startup and hacking forward.

We all start with an idea. What we do with the idea is what separates us from one another. Some of us choose to act, while others let it cool off and eventually forget. Then, there are those that execute with a plan and others exercising on a string of unplanned actions.

In my point of view of a startup; there's the product and there's the hustling (or selling if you prefer). With the new venture I am on, we're currently in product building stage.

My approach?

Design ➔ Test ➔ Learn ➔ Repeat if necessary before building a product.

Go out there and gain valuable insights from your users. One thing come in mind is a statement by Paul Buchheit (invented Gmail) ‘It’s so much better to make a few people love you, than a lot of people just like you.’

At the end of the day, a product needs to be useful and accepted by its target user. In any product-building phase, there's a really fine line between launching too late and too early. At the moment, we are still fine tuning on the product with our tester and users. The risk of launching too early could come with the potential pitfall of missing out on the details and a sign of lack of depth. On the other hand, figuring it all out and launching too late might run risk of analysis paralysis while missing out on valuable user insights. New design trend, product idea, competition are also among many other reason to be reminded that at some point, all products need to be shipped.

With our current venture, we've relentlessly question potential users what do they think of the idea and concept. Designed it, questioned them further and repeat it over till we cover the fundamental aspect of the idea.

I am personally thrilled with the progress we made on the idea leading to a product and what we managed to achieve in such short time. It's simply amazing again how January have just gone by. In another week, we are 2/12 complete of 2014 and it feels like it only just started. Time spent on building a product can be gone by quickly from the level of focus and concentration. I am more convinced than ever before that "time" is the most valuable resource we all have.

Don't waste your own time or someone else. iteration.jpg