Johnathan Teh

The Entrepreneur’s Enabler: Focus

Manhood.jpg I’m a self-styled global entrepreneur: I started out in Australia, and hit the Big Apple by way of London and San Francisco in pursuit of building my business, Onswer. When I reflecting on my experiences in each of these (very) different startup meccas, a word comes to mind: momentum.

In a mere New York minute (really, a week’s time), I have surrendered to startup momentum. It’s a grand thing! Momentum is the lifeblood of a fledgling business. It’s the very reason why smaller businesses can gain market share. They are more agile and adaptive to change. But the true key is the ability to focus.

In this past week, I secured office space (free, fancy that!) and have a lead on some development resources. I believe I hit my stride here in New York. Unlike my experience in San Francisco. I feel like I’m finally moving with velocity towards my goal … very similar to the way I felt in Sydney. Things just keep happening.

So I spent some time thinking about why things came to a screeching halt in San Francisco and why things are different NOW.

As the founder of my startup, Onswer, I have many things that keep me up at night, including strategies concerning product development, sales and distribution, marketing, general administration and funding. I sought to tackle all of these areas when I set foot in the Bay Area.

Now that I’m in New York, I took a step back to prioritize. My immediate priorities included product development and general administration. And there you go. I honed in on my objectives and I found some successes (i.e., office space and development resources). As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s so much to do – and most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a team of staff available for delegation. A little bit of focus goes a long way here.

Focus is the enabler for moving forward. Moving forward leads to momentum. Onward and upward!