Johnathan Teh

Thoughts on problems to solve.

Quickly sharing my notes, i know i should have been more active but i think most of us are guilty for not writing as often as we want.

Two ways to establish startup:

  1. solving an inefficiency by making something faster, better, easier or digital (yo, taptalk, online magazines etc)
  2. solving a painful problem. (snapchat, Fedex, paper by 53, Spotify)

Then you can word it anyway you want to be solving an societal caring problem. Most tech companies these days are more on efficiency. Efficiency is worth exploring because those little changes can often affect people’s lives.

In fact, there are heaps of problems relating to efficiency:

  • microwave vs fire ➔ efficiency gain
  • email vs fax ➔ efficiency gain
  • SSD vs HDD ➔ efficiency gain
  • Skype vs telephone ➔ efficiency in cost and time gain
  • Google vs yellow pages ➔ efficiency gain in time and quality of results


  • Investor: change the world, one product at a time (thoughts, philosophy and approach)
  • Entrepreneur: what are you working on, share learnings (making friends in the community)
  • Target Audience: what the product does (get the users to download and engage)

Direct and bold-ness has strength in it for not appearing wavering. People will either get it and join, or don’t like it and leave. You only have to please those that like the cause or idea.



Just arrived in Berlin and excited about all that's ahead here. Had a really good event with the guys from ProductHunt, keep up the good work guys - @ErikTorenberg, @andreasklinger and @rrhoover!