Johnathan Teh

What to compete on as an entrepreneur?

I was having a little chat the other day with my younger brother who's coining on the idea of starting a business. Little into the chat, it's amazing how it quickly reminded me how we are all similar when it comes to the desire of creating and making something of value to others.

Also funny how quickly it evolved into product building questions. And it's almost like looking at a mirror hearing him talk versus other entrepreneurs questioning me. My quick tip for him and others are often focus on what your skills can bring to the table first. As product goes, I've condense it down to three aspect to compete and work on:

  1. Interface or design (if you are a designer)
  2. Technology (if you are technical)
  3. Community (if you are business dev orient)

Leverage that skill of yours then seek out others that can help you on the other two (one step at a time).